What is Salt Nic?

The first question that people usually ask is what exactly are they? The simplest way to explain nicotine salts is normal freebase nicotine that has an added acid that makes nicotine that the body can absorb easier at lower temperatures. It is the reaction between the nicotine base and the acid that forms the salt which is used.

Free Base nicotine is what is in traditional cigarettes and the nicotine is the smoke as well as in the particle form. The free base form is the most easily absorbed by the body, which is why the effect is quicker and stronger. It is also lipid soluble, so it can cross the membrane into the brain easier. This releases the dopamine, which gives you the feeling of pleasure. That is why it is more addictive.

Nicotine salt is produced by extracting the natural products in nicotine which is found primarily in tobacco plants in its purest and healthiest form. This is seen as the healthier option rather than standard nicotine shots as it can satisfy the consumer after a few puffs. This is because it goes into the blood stream a lot faster rather than standard nicotine shots which take a bit longer to show much of an effect, this helps when people are trying to stop smoking and go on to vaping. One of the best advantages of using nicotine salt is that it is a lot smoother on the throat meaning that you can enjoy the flavour and also still remain at the mg of nicotine that you find most comfortable.

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