Pod System Explained

What are Pod Systems

E-cigarettes or vapes have hit there high in the last few years. They started a little over a decade ago with the little e-cigarettes that held a true resemblance to a cigarette in regards to shape and size. However, since then e-cigarettes just keep getting bigger and bigger. The evolution of e-cigarettes have truly exceeded expectations, as there are now watch e-cigarettes, voice activated vape mods and even touch screens.

The reason for the difference in sizes during the evolution of e-cigarettes is because the research into the development process has definitely improved and it has made the products a lot better with production. Evidently the bigger the vape kit the longer you are able to use it without the need to keep charging it and the bigger the clouds, especially if you use replaceable battery mod kit.

Pod Kits however, have taken over the game. There sleek and simple design have made them better than anything we’ve seen. As they have become very popular in recent events all of the big e-cigarettes brands are competing for the best vape pod kit around. Read further to find out more...

Different types of pod systems !

Vape Pod systems or Vape Pod Kit are a very new and innovative e-cigarette that are used in a pod form rather then the usual tank or atomizer form. Depending on what type of pod system you purchase they are pretty much the same, they hold e-liquid and they still deliver vapour through the mouth piece. They are developed for mouth to lung vape users so they still give a throat hit and have a smaller capacity of how much e-liquid you can fill. Being said there are also few kits which offer both, including direct to lung vape, for people who love cloud vaping.

Due to their small and compact size the battery life on them are usually a lot smaller than most vapes ranging from 650mAh - 200 mAh. The difference in variations in pod systems are because of there shapes and sizes for examples; USB styles, small box pods or oval shaped.

Open V Closed pod systems

Pod systems have two types, closed and open. The difference between them is that a "closed" pod come pre-filled so there’s no way to change or fill up the liquid that comes installed. The liquids that are used in closed pods can often be restricted for this reason. This means that once you're finished you could just throw it away like a disposable tank. Consumers of pod systems tend to use high nicotine e liquid levels, which is why pre-filled usually are at a high mg of nicotine.

An "open" pod is of course the opposite of this meaning that it is refillable and can be used numerous times with any eliquid of your choice. This ensures that pod systems have a variety of forms and are also seen as the flexible option. Due to pod systems being used for more mouth to lung users and are small and compact they don’t let out too much vapour, which is why a lot of people tend to use a 50/50 PG/VG e liquid mix as using anything less doesn’t give much of a throat hit. When using an "open" pod system it is said to perform better with salt nicotine infused eliquids, this is because it is already at a high mg of salt nicotine and goes through the blood stream a lot quicker so you are not always using your e-cigarette. However, you don’t necessarily need to use salt nic eliquid, any 50/50 PG/VG liquid will do it justice.

Pros of using pod systems

  • Compact
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Sleek and discreet design

Cons of using pod systems

  • A smaller battery life than other vapes
  • They perform better with high nicotine levels
  • Closed pods are limited on flavours


IVG pod system

Well, well, well... who saw this coming IVG have brought out a very well-produced pod system. Of course we have all heard of their very good premium IVG e-liquid but their pod system kit are selling like hot cake right now. This is the first pod system that IVG have produced and has been promised to be the best selling this year.

The IVG pod starter kit is a very sleek and compact device which uses "closed" pre-filled pods which comes in award winning 20mg nicotine salt and are currently stocking four e liquid flavours but knowing IVG they will definitely bring out a lot more soon.

The starter kit itself comes prepared with all four flavours and they have definitely made it as though portability is key as its very easy just to fit inside your pocket. It is powered by an internal 450 mAh battery and the 1.4ohm coils are perfect for flavour and vapour production. They have made sure of this with their internal smart airflow system. Great pod system kit for beginners.

The great thing about IVG using salt nicotine e liquid is that even though it’s at a high mg of nicotine and you're still getting a sense of relief they are smooth and don’t give off a harsh throat hit. The benefits of purchasing an IVG vape pod kit is that they are very simple to use and everything you need is accessible via the box that you bought it in. They have definitely identified everything a consumer would need by enabling all safety features and ensuring that the quality is outstanding. It is very quick to charge with a long lasting battery capacity.

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