What is Sub Ohming?

Sub-ohming is the term used when the coil has a resistance less then 1.0. People normally tend to vape this way to increase the power output, evidently this increases the amount of smoke and flavour.

A lot of the time people link vaping just to stop smoking which is the term 'mouth to lung' vaping which gives a hit at the back of the throat to replace cigarettes, however, Sub-ohming means direct to lung. This means that when choosing to sub-ohm it gives a very smooth feeling and produces good flavour, more like shisha.

Benefits of Sub-ohm Vaping

The first thing newbie vapers think when they hear “sub-ohm vaping” is big clouds. There are, however, several advantages to sub-ohm vaping over other styles.

More Airflow

One of the most significant differences between sub-ohm vaping and starter vaping is that a sub ohm vaporizer features unrestricted airflow to allow for direct-to-lung inhales, and you don’t have to inhale into your mouth and then into your lungs.

More Flavor

Since sub-ohm coils increase the power output of your mod, it will vaporize a lot of e-liquid during one pull and release intense flavor.

Warmer Vapor

The higher power output means that more heat is produced. Many vapers that prefer the warmer vape tend to switch to sub-ohm vaping at some point.

Big Clouds

Blowing out big, dense, billowing clouds grabs attention. To many vapers, producing sizable clouds of vapors is the most appealing aspect about vaping. If you are a competitive vaper, you need a sub ohm device.

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