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  • Mesh Coils

    In recent years within the vaping community the manufacturers have been innovating new ways in which there products can have the best performance. This includes the coils, they started off with the general coils that were made for the product. With this then they made different resistance so your using the mod in a way that reflects best. Additionally, they innovated the dual coils which is made with two wires.








    Mesh coils are the newest craze within the vaping community. They are stainless steel metal lining with cotton holes around it. The advantages of using mesh coils are that they have a faster heating up time which makes them power quicker. The larger surface area increases the vapour and flavour. It also is prone to last a lot longer as the heat that accumulates in the surface is wider to get around.

















  • Smok Nord Kit










    Smok have come back with a new pod system, the Smok Nord kit. The smok family also released a similar pod system toward the end of last year which was a simple pod with no buttons just inhaling. The Nord kit in comparison has a power button and a coil and a 2ml filling system. The Nord kit also has a built in internal battery of 1100 mah and has a bigger and sightly heavier frame then the Novo kit.












    Smok have definitely exceeded expectations with this one as they've made it mobile friendly with a shape that sits comfortably in your hand. The Novo kit has an output of 15W and comes with a mesh coil and a regular one. The difference with the coils are that one is for more of a mouth to lung feeling with a harsher throat hit and the other one is more for sub-ohming so its smoother.










  • What is Salt Nic?










    The first question that people usually ask is what exactly are they? The simplest way to explain nicotine salts is normal freebase nicotine that has an added acid that makes nicotine that the body can absorb easier at lower temperatures. It is the reaction between the nicotine base and the acid that forms the salt which is used.

    Free Base nicotine is what is in traditional cigarettes and the nicotine is the smoke as well as in the particle form. The free base form is the most easily absorbed by the body, which is why the effect is quicker and stronger. It is also lipid soluble, so it can cross the membrane into the brain easier. This releases the dopamine, which gives you the feeling of pleasure. That is why it is more addictive.








    Nicotine salt is produced by extracting the natural products in nicotine which is found primarily in tobacco plants in its purest and healthiest form. This is seen as the healthier option rather than standard nicotine shots as it can satisfy the consumer after a few puffs. This is because it goes into the blood stream a lot faster rather than standard nicotine shots which take a bit longer to show much of an effect, this helps when people are trying to stop smoking and go on to vaping. One of the best advantages of using nicotine salt is that it is a lot smoother on the throat meaning that you can enjoy the flavour and also still remain at the mg of nicotine that you find most comfortable.














  • What is Sub Ohming?

    Sub-ohming is the term used when the coil has a resistance less then 1.0. People normally tend to vape this way to increase the power output, evidently this increases the amount of smoke and flavour.










    A lot of the time people link vaping just to stop smoking which is the term 'mouth to lung' vaping which gives a hit at the back of the throat to replace cigarettes, however, Sub-ohming means direct to lung. This means that when choosing to sub-ohm it gives a very smooth feeling and produces good flavour, more like shisha.

















    Benefits of Sub-ohm Vaping


    The first thing newbie vapers think when they hear “sub-ohm vaping” is big clouds. There are, however, several advantages to sub-ohm vaping over other styles.


    More Airflow


    One of the most significant differences between sub-ohm vaping and starter vaping is that a sub ohm vaporizer features unrestricted airflow to allow for direct-to-lung inhales, and you don’t have to inhale into your mouth and then into your lungs.


    More Flavor


    Since sub-ohm coils increase the power output of your mod, it will vaporize a lot of e-liquid during one pull and release intense flavor.


    Warmer Vapor


    The higher power output means that more heat is produced. Many vapers that prefer the warmer vape tend to switch to sub-ohm vaping at some point.


    Big Clouds


    Blowing out big, dense, billowing clouds grabs attention. To many vapers, producing sizable clouds of vapors is the most appealing aspect about vaping. If you are a competitive vaper, you need a sub ohm device.

  • Is Vaping Increasing?

    According to the latest stats there has been a massive decrease in the amount people are smoking tobacco since the early 2000's. This is due to the vaping industry taking over. This is due to cigarette prices initially going up and it being simpler to spend a one off payment on a vape kit and small amounts here and there on e-liquid. This is one of the main reasons that the vape industry has grown. Additionally, a very popular reason that people have increasingly moved onto vaping is due to it being less harmful then cigarettes.






















    Vaping has evidently become the new craze and is massively popular. The tobacco industry have taken note that the vaping industry is growing and it doesn't look like its going to stop, so they have started buying out some of the biggest companies. They now own five of the top brands in the vaping industry. As the number of cigarette smokers decline, the success in the vaping industry is profoundly increasing.









    It is said from the parliamentary debate from vaping that this industry has a high chance of saving thousands of lives within the UK. When vaping was firstly introduced its targets were mostly for smokers, however now a lot of people use vaping just for the smoke and clouds with 0% nicotine this is because it is known to be harmless. Vaping is now a £1bn industry.

  • Guide to Vaping

    Quitting smoking can have its challenges, nicotine is the biggest addiction however you almost tend to miss the routine of smoking also. This is why vaping helps, it can be a big change and takes time to get used to. However, with the right advice you'll get on just fine. Switching to vaping from smoking, does take the hard part away however, it can take some time to get used to technology side of things. You will need to find the right device that works for you. Starter kits is what people tend to start with as they have the same affect as they are mouth to lung which still gives you the same hit as a cigarette would do but as recent scientific evidence has proven its healthier for you.
























    For vaping to actually work you need to go into it with a conscious, committed decision that this is exactly what you want to do. If your serious about making this change you'll be less likely to go into old habits. A lot of people have said that since vaping, they would never go back onto smoking because of course the nicotine is still there however, the range of flavours make vaping more exciting and the taste of cigarettes will eventually make you unwilling to go back.









    Choosing the right e liquid strength
    Choosing the right level of nicotine can be an imperative part of vaping this is because choosing the wrong strength can make it unsatisfying and even unachievable for your goal. Additionally too much nicotine can be harsh on the throat, for some people a high level can be a good thing as it replicates the feeling of smoking however if your not quite there yet or aren't used to it then it can be unpleasant.











  • CBD E Liquid

    CBD E Liquid

    CBD liquid has been the newest craze on the e-cigarette/e-liquid scene. It is growing and getting bigger in the market. Some may say it has brought a new vibe to the scene. They started with natural flavours but as the market is growing so is the variety. CBD is known to help people with certain personal problems and helps calm people down with anxiety and arthritis and more serious issues such as Parkinson’s and is even known to help people battling cancer.












    Of course cannabis is still illegal in most countries and states, however, CBD is an extract from the source and is legal to purchase, and CBD can be purchased in vape shops and online without any worry of probable legal issues in the future. It has been known in recent events that cannabis has no real scientific bad effects and people do think it should be legalised, current debates have been happening around the labour MPs into looking at all views of this issue. It is said that there are a lot of health benefits to relief by using CBD

    CBD has a very low percentage of side effects, it makes is safer than a few medicinal products already on the market.














    CBD has had a lot of attention especially recently as it has brought more awareness and more scientific research behind it. Obviously cannabis is illegal but because CBD is legal people have more attraction towards it, and because it has no initial side effects people believe it to be the healthier option in defence with nicotine for example.

  • Wffl E Liquid









    WFFL e-liquid is produced in the UK, it is a fresh alternative to the real thing and all your breakfast favourites. It has unique and varieties of liquid that could be related to all your favourite mixtures of Belgium waffles. They currently have; blueberry, lemon curd, strawberries and cream and almond and caramel flavours. These are all really lovely flavours, all really fresh and refreshing. They come in 0-6mg.

















    Strawberries and Cream- This is not like any other strawberries and cream, this has a sweet fresh taste of cream and strawberries. The strawberries are mouth-watering with the balance of the coolness of cream. Honestly tastes like all your breakfast favourites.

    Blueberry- Out off all of the WFFL flavours blueberry definitely has the most prominent waffle flavour. The fresh taste of blueberries mixed with the crisp taste of waffle is a perfect mix. The balance between the flavours is perfect.

    Lemon Curd- The really sweet waffle taste with the pure fresh inhalation of the lemon curd. Beautiful flavour tastes like the real thing. Highly recommended by a lot of our customers, as it’s not overbearing and you get all of the flavours together, nothing is masking the taste.










    Almond and Caramel- the perfect breakfast waffle, with the sweet taste of the caramel and nutty almonds for that deliciously delightful finish. If you are a sweet desert person this ones definitely for you.

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