An e-cigarette looks like a traditional cigarette. These are battery operated devices, which is filled with liquid (flavour). You puff out vapour, a white cloud looks like smoke. Smoking using e-cigarette is called ‘Vaping’. All e-cigarettes work basically the same way. There is a battery, which function as a heating element, and a cartridge that is filled with liquid nicotine and other flavouring. Some are disposable and others are refillable and have rechargeable battery.

Are they really safe?

Shisha time is proud to be part of e-cigarette industry, bringing you latest technology and products with all the necessary certification. Electronic cigarettes are by far healthy than conventional cigarettes and nothing really compares with it.

The composition of e liquid mainly contains Polypropylene Glycol, Glycerine, Nicotine (in liquid form) and natural flavouring. The nicotine used is considered as addictive substance and other ingredients are widely used as food additives, for quite a long time now. It doesn’t contain ‘Tar’ which is a harmful chemical, responsible of all sorts of health illnesses including Cancer.

What Different Nicotine strengths are available?

Shisha time stocks major brands from Uk and all across the world, depending on your smoking habits you can choose different nicotine strengths. Depending on how many conventional cigarettes you smoke a day, you can select the nicotine strength. Below is our recommended guide for low VG e liquid, generally for pen type basic kits

  • High – 2.4% (24mg) Person smoking Average 15-20+ cigarettes a day
  • Medium – 1.8% (18mg) Person smoking Average 10-15 cigarettes a day
  • Low – 0.8% (8mg) Person smoking Average 05-10 cigarettes a day
  • None – 0.0% (0mg) Person smoking Socially or Occasionally

How to Organize Your Electronic Cigarettes?

If you have started vaping for a period, you may have a collection of e cigarette parts and accessories such as automatic or manual batteriese juice bottlesand blank cartomizers. 
When you lay your e-cigarette supplies on table, you will realize that there are too many things that need to be stored and organized. If you don’t put these things in order, you will hunt hard for a flavor or a charger when you want to e smoke. And for your kids and pets, you also want to keep them far away from nicotine. So the question is: how to organize your electronic cigarettes?

Short-term storage
When refer to short-term storage, you can purchase a carrying case for protection of your e cigarette from broken. Also, for e-cig supplies, we recommend you to keep one extra battery,cartomizer or clearomizer at least. Make sure that your vaping process will not be stopped by die battery or empty cartomizer or clearomizer. 

Long-term storage
Long-term storage is very important to vapers who already have piles of electronic cigarette supplies. If you buy boxes of e liquid, batteries or more, make sure that all e-cig supplies should not be exposed to light, moisture, heat and extreme cold temperature. The safe way to store the bulk things is to use a container or box and keep it in a cool, dark and dry area.
Here are some popular storage tools:

  • Fishermen’s tackle box
  • Toolbox
  • Tupperware box
  • Art supply box
  • Plano storage box
  • Plastic container found on supermarket
  • Cosmetic organizer

Once you find the suitable container to store your e cigarette supplies, how to organize it?

  • Charged batteries
  • Wall chargers
  • USB chargers
  • Charger case
  • Carrying case
  • Boxes of flavors
  • Blank cartomizer
  • Used cartomizer
  • E-cigarettes (more than one)
  • Cleaning tools

Traveling with electronic cigarette
It’s easy to pack e-cig products because most of them are small and light. All the things you need to do are choosing a storage case and pack them safely.

Tips for Safer Huge Vapor Clouds:

Some vapers think that the huge vapor clouds the better. However running a cloud chasing build is risky, especially for inexperienced e cigarette users.

Given that you push the limit of batteries and the power exceed its capacity, which may cause the device overheat and even explode. So if you don’t know what you do, tampering with e-cig setup in order to blow enormous clouds of vapor can cause damage to vaping movement.

We advise that even experienced vapers who know e cigarette setup very well should be cautious about sub-ohm vaping process. This process is dangerous and no worth taking risks. So how can you enjoy a safe and bigger vapor? Below are some tips for you to increase vapor output safely.

High VG 
E-cig users can DIY their own e juice with high VG if they want to get big vapor clouds. VGstands for vegetable glycerin. When PG can bring stronger throat hit, VG can hold moisture from air better than PG and produce more vapor. So you can get huge vapor clouds by adding more VG. However e juice will be not strong enough while diluted in VG, you have to choose between a stronger flavor and a huger vapor.

Direct pulling
“Direct pulling” means that inhale vaporized nicotine directly from mouthpiece in the meaning time breathing into your lung, which allows huger vapor for you to inhale and exhale. But strong nicotine level of e liquid can cause burn taste if you try direct pull e cigarette. 0.6%-1.2% nicotine level is suitable for you to pull as much vapor as you can.

Low ohm coils
A heating coil with lower ohm has less hot resistant, meaning it can become hot quickly. This allow you to burn e liquid quickly and enjoy massive vapor clouds.

There is no perfect vaping experience. Whether you require a bigger vapor or a stronger flavor e cigarette, heavengifts will offer all of e-cig supplies.

8 Things You Should Know about Cloud Chasing:

If you enjoy vaping, then you probably watched those crazy videos on the Internet of people blowing huge cloudage. Cloud chasers are not really into nicotine inhalation so most of them only use free nicotine e-liquid. Their ultimate goal is to blow the biggest, thickest and most explosive vapor clouds.

hile is it true that cloud chasing is the most wonderful performance of vaping, you have to bear in mind that it can be risky if you don’t know how to do it. To run an extreme e-cigarette setup, you should understand all the elements involved such as batteriesatomizers, ohms… So remember: cloud chasing is not for beginners!

If you really want to become a cloud chaser, you must dig into the 8 following things:

1. Battery life: Know the limits of your batteries and how they perform with sub ohm atomizer. If you build a coil that overloads the battery, you may face serious problems (battery melting, explosions, etc…)

2. Air flow: Use the biggest hole choice to produce more vapor. Regulate the airflow accordingly to your personal goals or needs.

3. E-liquid type: VG (Vegetable Glycerine) is the best option if you are craving for a large amount of vapor. This liquid is also thicker, heavier and more sweet-tasting than PG (Propylene Glycol). For best cloud chasing use, VG e-juice ranging from 75% to 100% is usually recommended.

4. Mod type: Many experienced cloud chasers have customized their own e-cigarette setups. Both vent holes and mechanical mods need to be operated carefully.

5. RDA (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer) type: Choosing the right RDA is extremely important for cloud chasing. There are basic requirements for RDA:
A. Big air holes 
B. Quad coil capable
C. Connections material and style

6. Inhaling and exhaling technique: Put your mouth around a drip tip loosely so you can breathe into some air to create tons of vapor! You can also watch some cloud chasing videos on internet and follow their experts’ advises.

7. Coils: This part is absolutely crucial. Build your coil on sub-ohm for cloud chasing very care-fully and make sure that the resistance of your coil fits within the tolerance range for safe opera-tion of your battery. Ignoring this point might cause damage to your device or, even worst, cause explosions.

8. Wire: The average size of kanthal wire that most cloud chasers choose, ranges from 18 to 28 mm. There are some tools in the market like this HeatVape Coiler, which are perfect for amateurs.